The history and involvement with the production of handmade jewelry begins in the mid 60s, as Panagiotis Kaklamanos at the age of 16 years was employed as an apprentice in the famous goldsmith workshop of Katramopoulos in central Athens.

The will to learn, the later love for this art and the initiation to the secrets of handmade jewelry by the finest craftsmen of this period have made him worthy within a very short period of time.

But the journey had just begun. The career of Panagiotis has continued in the goldsmith workshop of the renowned jewerly house of «ZOLOTAS». There he has offered his services by creating jewerly, which was worn by the «athenian high society».

Τhe restless spirit and the tenacity of the young man, who had already had a lot of craftsman experience, led him in the second half of the 70s to attempt to create his own jewelry workshop in central Athens. He was able there to develop his own clientele and to give shape to his own creations giving his work his personal touch.

After fifteen years of a continuous and successful career, the journey of Panagiotis Kaklamanos changes course. As one of the most renowned craftsmen in the industry, he decides to accept the invitation - challenge to undertake the technical management of the workshop of «ZOLOTAS». Having the guidance of over 15 skilled craftsmen, he produces jewelry for the most demanding markets of the Far and Middle East.

Second generation

Somewhere in the early 90s begins the career of Christos Kaklamanos, who is the current successor of the family tradition. At the age of fifteen and after finishing high-school he decides to deal with this profession and begins to work as an apprentice at the company, where his father also works, showing enthusiasm for the new world opening up.

Working alongside very good craftsmen and under the guidance of his father and many work and search hours he manages to win the respect of colleagues and become a craftsman.

Towards the end of 90s his love for art and his innovative ideas led him to restart the family business. Fresh air, ambitions and inspirations are the elements, which, combined with the long experience of his father, help the family business to penetrate the closed jewerly «society».

In 2000 the company has moved to a new location, where a modern workshop is created. The aim is to manufacture jewelry entirely in the workshop.

The inspirations don’t stop and every year new designs are created, which are exclusively designed by Christos Kaklamanos, who owns the advantage of ideas capturing.

New technologies, which are developed in the jewelry branch, become tools in their hands. New manufacturing methods are employed so that the final finishing touches perfection. But one thing, the final quality and design, is not negotiable. Those were for two generations the main pillars of development and recognition of the company.


The jewelry will be sent by the sales representatives all over the world and in the most central places of the country. There are selected by many tourists, who are looking for quality handmade jewerly.

The inspirations are rooted in ancient Greece and Byzantium, which are main periods of greek culture. The search doesn’t stop in the past, but it also looks in the future.

The collections, that are made today, as well as the collections that will hopefully follow, have not only the manufacture and sale of jewerly as luxury item as main objective, but also the preservation of its timelessness as works of art.

You can be sure that the second is mostly important to us.

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